Sarah Parker Remond Plaque

Thanks to all who donated and all who supported the Sarah Parker Remond Plaque Project, the plaque was installed, just before Christmas at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome!   remondinlace-shawl


Hell Yes…

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Hell yes, I occasionally check my really old book Amazon rating.





Jordan Davis


This is a horrendous story. Orlando Bagwell’s Op-ed video for the NYTimes is a good intro. All of the interrogations and interviews are on YouTube.

Man, in Jacksonville FL, annoyed by loud music and boisterous teens shot into SUV. Drives away. Ordered pizza and went to bed. Hears on TV that one teen in SUV, Jordan Davis, died. Man never calls police; just drives home w/girlfriend.

Claims at trial he was in fear for his life (stood ground). Jury has been out for days. In the video, Jordan Davis’s father describes their conversations about Trayvon. Describes how Jordan, named for the river, was a deeply hoped for “miracle” baby, conceived after fertility procedure. Includes some family pictures and home video.

Not so much publicity. Guess the news cycle has Dead Black Teen fatigue.


And it’s NOT about loud music. It’s about a racist white man convinced first that black teens had insulted him. And second that that gave him the right to kill them.

Remember, he drove away. Had pizza and wine with his girlfriend, and went to sleep. He never called police. They found him because a homeless man in the parking lot got his plate number.

He made up a ridiculous story about what had happened, and got away with murder/manslaughter.

Headlines about how loud music was the issue oversimplify what happened, not so subtly play to sympathy from white people who don’t like hiphop, rap, etc., and believe that the word “thug” means any black teenage young man.

Farewell Madiba



Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Freudian Bacon

Had the opportunity to attend the preview brunch at Christie’s for what turned out to be a mega-record setting auction. I think I had a slight touch of Stendhal syndrome — the three attached pics were all in one area of just one of the rooms! I do wonder why the experience was viscerally different from a visit to excellent shows at MOMA the day before.

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This Kline was one of my personal favorites.

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I had a bit of a re-think about Pollock after seeing this lovely smaller piece. I’ve never been moved by his better known massive work, but this really caught me off guard, beautiful, thought-provoking.


Sadly, I was a couple of days early and a few dollars short for bringing home the Bacon.

Joseph Campbell and Granny Smith, etc.


A couple of people on FaceBook be all up in my grill about a comment I posted re: Joseph Campbell.


In random connection with my current profile and cover pictures there, thought I’d add that I remember him telling our class that after, as a young child, hearing the story of Adam and Eve, he was never again able to bring himself to eat an apple.


Always found that charming, candid, and thought-provoking.



Boston Women’s Memorial 10th Anniversary

Some of Susan Wilson’s wonderful photographs of the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of the Boston Women’s Memorial on Commonwealth Avenue. The sculptor, Meredith Bergmann, is also a respected poet, and chose to read a poem for the occasion.

Marie Turley


Marie shepherded the project through all the years of planning and political decisions. 

Meredith reads

The sculptor, Meredith Bergmann, reading a poem she wrote for the celebration.


A rare opportunity to see the model for an important work of art.

With Senator Warren

Mayor and Mrs. Menino, Senator Warren, major donors, students, and various public figures were all part of the enthusiastic audience.

City Planning?